Dental Work Made Friendly & Making You Smile

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If you’re an international reader, there’s one thing about the Americans you ought to know. When it comes to business, they really get down to it. There is no nonsense. And of course, health services, dental practice los angeles work included, is no laughing matter. But come to think of it, and this is the interesting cultural point that needs to be made about hardworking Americans with professional attitudes.

They really can make you smile. After delivering their service, whether it’s delivering your takeout pizza, delivering good dental advice after a scheduled screening, or delivering your divorce summons, they never forget to tell you this. You have a nice day now. It doesn’t matter how tough the day’s been. It doesn’t matter how painful the root canal problem is. It doesn’t matter how broke you’re going to be after the divorce has been signed off and sealed your fate.

They always say the same thing. It seems like it’s a national pastime over there to be telling you this each and every day of your life. It’s habit forming alright. After your dentist’s receptionist has processed your payment or checked through your medical plan details and scheduled your next dental appointment, you can be pretty sure that she is going to wish you this.

You have a nice day now.

And that really gets you going for the rest of the day. That’s really got to get you smiling again after all the pain you might have gone through. But then again, while still in his chair, and after the dentist is through with you, you might already be smiling. Pain free. Or really snow white teeth. But maybe you’re from LA, and you probably knew all this already anyhow.